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I was born and live in Krakow., Poland.

I am a composer, arranger and music producer. In addition, I am an IT specialist and economist,
I write orchestral, ballet, film, theater and entertainment music. It has a variety of character: from songs and sung poetry to instrumental pieces and large orchestral forms.

My works for symphony orchestra are, among others

• Father (Oratory)
• Concerto for orchestra and guitar
• A small concertante symphony
• Double
• Kohelet
• Psalms of David
• Capriccio per AB

Music for theatrical and ballet performances:

• Ecce (ballet)
• Potulna 
(by F.Dostoyevsky)
• A Dream (ballet)
• Et Cetera (ballet)
• 4 Elements according to Ovid (ballet and poetry)
• Infidels (to the texts of W. Dymny)

Poetry song:

  • Songs to words by Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński (albums: "Promienie", "Rain", "Lipy szelest")

  • Songs to the poems of the Warsaw insurgents (albums "Nie bój o me", "Invincible")

  • Pieces to texts by M. Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska and other Polish poets ("Colors" album)

Entertainment music

  • Songs and instrumental pieces (rock-pop, poetic song, jazz-rock, film music, approx. 200 songs in total)

I mainly play guitars and keyboards (if necessary). My favorite instrument is the Hofner 500/1 bass guitar. Apart from music, I deal with computer programming.

Sometimes I record and edit short films because this field of art has always fascinated me.

I love reading books and when I have a spare time I (rarely) try to read as much as possible.

Mateusz Jarosz, music composer

For me, music is a way of life - an ocean the depth of which is explored throughout your life.

For me, the ideal of an artist is Glen Gould - the only and greatest interpreter of Bach's works.

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