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In the crowd

Music, texts, singing, instruments, recording, mixing, mastering: Mateusz Jarosz

Intro     1:04
Street Faces     3:37
All My Love     4:13
Illusions     3:54
Lullaby     3:10
Life Is Beautiful     4:11
Swampy Decline     3:24
Black Sun     2:50
One Day more     4:20
My Friend Has Problem     4:00
I've Seen Nobody     2:57
Sinful Nightmares     5:45
We Are Cool     3:02
Send Me Away     3:43
In the crowd     3:51

RETURNS - vol.1:  "In the crowd"

The recordings are a reconstruction of songs that I wrote in the old days . They were originally recorded in the last century on Akai and Tascam tape recorders.

The website includes excerpts from the following songs.



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